Help with a quote?


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Hey guys,
Names Hector, drummer for 8 yrs now.
I want to sell my current drumset (first Ive bought in the US after not havin one for a couple of yrs).
Its not good, but its I think decent.

The set consists of:
20X18 Bass drum, 12X9 Tom (4 lugs), 14x14 Floor tom (5 lugs) >> Some brand called Sound Percussion
10X8 Tom >> Pearl Import series 6 lugs
10X10 and 8X8 toms >> both have remo heads for the resonant and batter heads, brand is unknown since it was a custom from a company, it was cheap but good quality. 5 lugs both
and my hardware is mainly DW except for the hihat and another cymbal stand which are Sound Percussion
(My cymbals suck, so Im not including them...if I do itll be like 20 for all, except my alpha paiste splash)
Cymbals are A Wuhan China, The common and bad Planet Z Zildjian crash (it was included at first), a crash/ride and hihats of sound percussion (o_O) a PST 5 crash and a Sabian B8 splash.
My snare is also sound percussion but the heads are also remo for both batter and resonant sides.

So taking all that into consideration...i know its not a good rank if beginner, advanced beginner material, it sounds decent, of course i had better when I lived in Mexico, but moving I had to leave it, so what would be ur advice that I sell it for?
Any advice will help and will be greatly appretiated!

I have moved on to a better job so the idea is to buy a better though not so big drumset and build on it with that i can afford better.