HELP! snare ID


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Hey, he is playing jazz and the snare looks a little blackish, so its probally a Black Beauty. If not its probally a chrome supraphonic or a super sensitive. All are similar ludwig drums.

If you want a drum like that drum I would get a good old Supra. I love mine! I have 2, a vintage 5 and a new 6.5. I also have a vintage 5 super sensitive. If you want a jazzier sound then I would get the super sensitive but it costs a lot more.

I can safely say the snare he is not playing a regular supraphonic, it sounds heavier, so it could be chrome over brass. The brass gives it a heavier dryer sound used in that style or jazz. The super sensitive is also heavier and gives that effect on a regular snare, along with the added sensitivity of the special snare wires.

It looks like a black beauty which is really a black nickle plated, brass supraphonic.

Email me if you want to talk about snare drums, im a Ludwig collector and I cant say enough about there snare drums, and I would love to help you get the sound you want from a ludwig snare. Plus there reliability is amaing. The only thing is the super sensitives have a very decreases reliability because of the extra parts on the strainer, if used in rock settings. If your just playing jazz, I think you would like the super sensitive better. Its avalaible in both regular metal and chrome over brass. The chrome over brass is more tinny sounding and dryer than the regular metal, and its heavier. I think the regular shell is more versatile, but if your only needing one specific sound (the sound your hearing from that recording) then you would want the brass.

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