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what do you mean by frontmen drummers? You talking about phil collins or something? :S

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Phil Collins, Don Henley (Eagles), Levon Helm (The Band)

Heck, even Buddy Rich could be called a frontman. Many jazz group band leaders were and still are the drummer.

I'm pretty sure the drummer for both Boston and Triumph sang a lot. Triumph I know for sure. All of them sang a fair bit, not just Rick Emmett


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a lot of the big name jazz drummers seem to have been frontmen at some point.

Bellson and Blakey I believe were both at some point, not sure if bellson still is or not.


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Dave Clark from the Dave Clark 5

Max Weinberg from The Max Weinberg 7

Billy Cobham fronted his band

Buddy Miles had a band he fronted

Barrett Deems had a Big Band

I think I'm missing dozens of them.