Help me with a new drum set!


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Hey !

I have 19 years old, and i have a Pearl Forum...
It's a good drum, but for beginners, and now i am better, and i want chance my drum...
But i don't know so much...
I am thinkin on something pro, like a Pearl Session, Mapex Saturn...

What drum set you think the best for me???

I play rock (Like Nu Metal, Metalcore, Alternative Metal, etc...)
I use the fusion set whit one more floor tom!
14' (Snare)
22' (Bass)
10' 12' (tom)
14' '16 (Floor tom)

Thanks so much by the help...


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saturns are good, or you could go with a pearl mmx. the toms are so nice sounding. but u should get whateva you want.


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ludwig classic maple, DW collectors, pearl MMX, tama starclassic, yamaha maple custom, premier maple custom, gretsh renown maple, mapex orion...any of those are pro quality


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You can't go wrong with Mapex. Try the M-Birch or the Pro-M. Other great kits: DW (they're expensive, though), Tama, Pearl, Ludwig, Yamaha. Also, some of the custum drum shops are making great drums. My custom drum shop of choice: Truth.