Help me get head (s)..LOL


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I need some help picking out my heads..cuz i dont wanna make the wrong decision.

I currently have remo emporor coated heads on all my toms. I have my original ludwig snare head...and an aquarian super kick 2 bass head.

I dont need to replace the bass head...but i want new heads on my toms/snare because i feel as if theyre not dampened enough.

I like to play classic rock, hard rock, and old school metal (80's GNR and RATT type stuff) i want to get my toms to sound more like those music styles.

I am thinking about looking at the remo pinstripes..and the evans hydraulics....but what do u guys recommend for the style of music i want to play?


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i'd say if emporers arent doing it for you look into pinstripes ( which i am currently using. my band plays heavy rock/semi metal stuff and they work great) or evans g2's. if you get them tuned up and still not thumpy enough for ya slap a moongel on there.


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the Evans site describes the Hydraulic heads like this:

Hydraulics feature two plies that sandwich a thin layer of oil and give the fat, wet sound that was pioneered in the 70's. The oil decreases sustain and enhances attack and low-end.

I used hydraulics many years ago, I remember them having a bit of a dull thud. Haven't used them lately.