HELP!! I can't figure out how to play this!!!


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About a week ago I was listening to "Bat Country" by Avenged Sevenfold, and there's a really cool fill at the end of the first guitar solo at about 2:48, and I just CANNOT figure it out. At first I thought it was a basic linear fill: (sn= snare; t= high tom; ft= floor tom; k= kick)

sn, t, ft, t, k, k, sn, t, sn, t, k, k, ft, t, k, k, sn, t, sn, t, ft/t

The song is at about 250bpm, and when I played this fill at that speed, it didnt seem "fast enough." Almost like the fill is phrased in groups of 8 instead of groups of 6... but I dont know! Please could someone, who is much better than I, explain how to play this fill correctly so I can sleep beter at night? Where are all you super good drummers out there?? Drummert2k?!?!?! Where are the old guys?!?! Hello?

Here's the link to listen to it: First scroll down and pause the music video, then go up to the player and click on "Bat Country." I will heap huge amounts of praise on whoever can explain this to me.

Thanks guys!


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hes doing what a lot of guys call quads - theyre like the bonham triplets except there are 4 notes instead of 3. it requires a double bass pedal and a little bit of coordination


i think thats at least close...i know i hear snare hits in there but its too fast to know definately after only hearing it a few times.


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ooh crazy, I had the same problem 3 months ago :D but yea, i second what anavrin said, sounds somewhat like what I did


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Hmmm, I tried doing quads first, and it didnt sound right, maybe I just didnt coordinate them correctly. Does anyone else have any suggestions?


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Yeah it's quads. It sounds so fast because he does a lot of rack tom hits with a few snare hits at cool points. The pattern is (starts up the upbeat of the previous bar)

b-b | sn-ft-b-b rt-ft-b-b sn-ft-b-b sn-ft-b-b rt-fl-b-b sn-ft-b-b sn-ft-b-b SN! (lol)

Practice quads until you can do them in your sleep.


Once that's reasonably fast and even (in tempo AND volume) then move your left arm from snare to rack tom once in a while. It's a neat trick, but it gets really old if done a lot.



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Ooh, you guys are right! It is quads, pretty fast quads, I might add. I've always started quads with my right hand. I guess you're saying to start them with your left hand... interesting. Thank you guys so much for the help!!

I know what you mean about that getting old fast. A lot of hardcore drummers, thats like their only fill. But they do sound neat when played incredibly fast and precise.