Help choosing new heads


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Ok, please don't flame me, I've searched on here, on websites, and everywhere I could, but I just cannot find anything that helps tell you what a head sounds like... I know tuning changes things a lot, and everyone like something different, but still, you'd think that there would be some sort of rough guide to send someone who cant try them out ion the right direction.
So on the the question... I used a really old pinstripe/ambassador combo for the longest time until i got a new set, and the stock heads are just unacceptable. So im looking for something that's got a good thud, but not too dull or 'fat'. Something that projects a little bit. Something that would fit well in a light rock/indie/punk band. I've got a PDP x7 Maple 7pc fusion kit, and im looking to replace batters and reso's, and money is not too much of an option at the time... so lay it on me. What do you guys think would work for me?


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try the Remo heads they should be good




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Probably my favorite all around heads are the Evans G2 clear over G1 clear resonants. I can use these for virtually any type of music genre, but most of the time they see the rock scene. For studio and recording I usually go with Evans G1 coated of G1 clear resonants. On my vintage 1965 Pearl kit I use G2 coated over G1 clear. My DW Classic kit came from the factory with DW (Remo) heads. Both top and bottom heads are 1 ply coated with gives the kit a nice solid focused sound. Just getting this kit I haven't played too much with different head combinations, but I'll probably stick to the single ply coated batter/reso combination. I bought this set because of the way it sounds and the head and tuning have a great deal to do with it.

BTW, I've used Remo heads for about 45 years and about five years ago I switched to Evans because I found the coating on the Evans heads last a bit longer.

BTW, I can't say much for the tuning of the rack tom on that second video, but his little girl is adorable.