New member
I'm Kastrien.
I recently happened to stumble upon these forums and would like to become a member here.
I'm 17 and a senior in high school.
I'm in my high school's drumline and band and I am the section leader of my drumline of over 30 members. I was the center snare during marching season, and now play everything else during concert season. I also play kit.
I am in my school Jazz band as well, which is the only form of set lessons that I've ever had; jazz drumming. Other then that, I've pretty much worked myself up to my current abilities on set. I would say that everything I've learned in band/drumline has helped me with my set playing. I've been in band since 7th grade and have been playing set since 8th (5 years). I started drumline in 9th grade, playing Top Bass (out of 6), but playing the Snare part (We did it differently at my school), and every year after that playing Snare and eventually moved my way up to becoming the center snare. I've taken place in several events such as Region, All state, UIL, Solo & Ensemble, and others. Also, I've been to PASIC (performed) twice, while there I was a contestant of the Drum-O-Meter contest, which is viewable here: http://www.drumometer.com/pasic2006.htm You'll see me in some of those pictures. Though, against fellow high school students, i was against college students as well, coming close, i didnt win. ha Also met many famous drummers and percussionists, including Vic Firth. Twice.
So, as you can see, a lot of my drumming comes from school, but I'd prefer playing on my set any day, though, I've been expected some sort of musical scholarship with a local university. But that's a little later on. ehh.

So, if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.

-Kastrien :)