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What about Messiah(Pre-Dead) or Occultus(between Dead and Maniac)?

Though I boubt you'd find any of their recordings..hehe.

But at least Atilla doesn't throw pig heads at people...


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I think Messiah was actually pre-Maniac the first time he was in the band, so pre-Deathcrush

and there actually ARE some recordings with Messiah from the first show Mayhem ever played

But Occultus, I've never heard much (or anything) about.


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I like some of their music, but man those guys seem like serious jerks. I can say the same for a ton of black metal musicians from that era tho.


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Quick rundown of Mayhem:
Maniac- drunkard :?
Blasphemer- Prick( threw maniac down stairs, smashed face against wall) :x
Necrobutcher- calm, quiet drunk :wink:
Hellhammer- racist. :|

Hate to say it, but Hellhammer is anti-islam, anti-hindu, anti-immigration, anti-interracial relationships... sucks, but nice reminder that they're human. And many early blackmetalers were anti-christianity in some form. At least Hellhammer didnt burn down churches... he actually spent his time on music(GASP!)


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Necrobutcher is far from a quiet calm drunk. You ever see the interview with him on A Headbanger's Journey? The dude is a total prick drunk. He's sitting there cursing out the entire country of germany and all sorts of stuff.

Maniac is a bad drunk too. That's the reason he left the second time. He couldn't perform without large amounts of alcohol in him.

Blasphemer I don't know much about except he's a great guitarist

Hellhammer, yes, VERY racist

Euroymous was an extreme satanist. And I mean EXTREME

And Attilla is a vegetarian!

And well, for those of us that know Varg Vikernes was in the band, uhhh there's no need for an explanation on him.... He went under the psuedonym Count Grischnack if anyone knows that name


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Yes, we know varg. And Euronymous was realy a "I wanna be evil so f*cking bad" kind of satanist, and he was only into it to be evil, no better reason.
I dont remember Necro being that much of a prick, but its been a long time since ive seen Headbangers Journey; on stage, anyways,hes way quiet and outta the way... till someone messed his amp. Just saw him backstage with his arms waving maddly.

Blasphemer was almost always at Maniac's throat; beat the living sh*t ot of him after manyshows.

Nothing too bad on Atilla yet...


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That is true about Euronymous, I mean cmon, he wrote most of Deathcrush. And look at Deathcrush!

And he was a HUGE prick on Headbangers Journey.

No, Attilla for the most port seems pretty sane and normal...... How did he make it into Mayhem???


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No idea... he said he almost didn't want to join when he saw all the pigs heads on stage, so...yeah.


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For those if you having a hard time following the line up...
Main article: List of Mayhem band members
Role Year
1986–1988 1988–1991 1992–1993 1995–2004 2004–2008
Vocals Maniac Dead Attila Csihar Maniac Attila Csihar
Guitar Euronymous --------------------------------------------- Blasphemer ---------------------
Bass Necrobutcher ------------------------- Grishnackh Necrobutcher --------------------
Drums Manheim Hellhammer -----------------------------------------------------------------------

* Note: Mayhem was inactive during 1994.


* Necrobutcher – bass guitar (1984–1991, 1995–present)
* Hellhammer – drums (1988–1993, 1995–present)
* Attila Csihar – vocals (1993, 2004–present)
* Morfeus – guitars (2008–present)
* Silmaeth – guitars (2009-present)


* Messiah – vocals (briefly in 1986)
* Manheim – drums (1984–1988)
* Torben Grue – drums (briefly in 1988)
* Kittil Kittilsen – vocals (briefly in 1988)
* Dead – vocals (1988–1991) (deceased)
* Occultus – vocals, bass guitar (briefly in 1991)
* Count Grishnackh – bass guitar (1992–1993)
* Blackthorn – guitars (1992–1993)
* Euronymous – guitars (1984–1993), vocals (1984-1986) (deceased)
* Nordgaren – guitars (1997–1998)
* Maniac – vocals (1986–1988, 1995–2004)
* Blasphemer – guitars (1995–2008)

An interesting read here...........http://www.burzum.org/eng/library/a_bur ... ry02.shtml