Heel/Toe technique


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I'm wondering how many people use heel/toe style on the bass drum... I've just been learning it for the past 8 months, having never used it for 13 years.
Works pretty well though... I'm able to get more even doubles than heel-up.
However, until now, I've not been able to wear shoes... Anyone else? Now I've got some small Converse and they work.

Anyways are there any downsides you people have noticed?

meta L ucas

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the idea of the "heel-toe" movement is more of a whipping motion with your foot. but, to break it down even further, its like a heel down single on the upstroke and then a heel up single on the down stroke. when practiced properly on both feet, you could even get some even sounding double stroke rolls. i've used them in studio. when you get to where you "whip" your foot on the pedalboard fast and effortless (which is the whole point of doing bass drum double-strokes), you'll know you're doing them right. do some research on it if you can but the explanation i gave you is a brief one. use what you can while you can.
Youtube has helped me on learning the "Heel-Toe" Technique....now 1 month later..i pretty much have it down.....now i just need to work on even strokes and power...so definatley search Youtube.com for Heel Toe Technique.......


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Thanks guys... Actually I used you tube to get going in the first place. I was able to use it for punk beats somewhat succesfully after a month.... but now that we've recorded, I can hear that the doubles aren't quite even, not consistently anyways...
Also I had trouble 'switching' into heel-toe 'mode'.
Now I've taken some hand-foot exercises and thrown doubles in... working really, nice super stoked on it. I'm now starting to be able to use them in fills, as if i had nice loud double-bass.

But, any ideas on the 'switching' ?


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the best place i learned heel/toe is youtube. under search type in Tim Waterson......he's the worlds "quote" fastest double kick


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i use the heel-toe technique in pretty much all me playing its great, a lot of people at gigs dont know how you do this fast stuff with foot, anyway the only thing is that i have to play bare foot whenever i play, obviously this isnt great coz sweaty feet means sweaty socks and sometimes a little smell.
What i do to pull it off is slam my heel on the bottom of the board and the lift it bringing my foot back a bit a slamming down my toes, keep repeating this over and over on the floor, then go onto your pedal and try it, slowly build it up so you can do it faster. Also what you can do is do a normal hit on the pedal and then do heel-toe quickly after so you get 3 hits in a short space of time with one foor, if you then do it with your left foot (if youre a righty) then get a double pedal then you canget some amazing stuff. The possibilities are endless!!
Then put it into your playing, i can now do a 'gallop' type beat, if u wanna hear an example listen to Iron Maidens live version of The Trooper on the Death on the Road album, listen to the drums in the solo.


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Drumming Animal,
and/or others....

Would you mind describing your pedal settings ??

I can't figure out what works best... what works for me at home when I'm doing exercises doesn't always work on stage... kind of problematic.

I use an older dw 5000 single chain drive pedal... just now switched it to rather loose, and I have the beater height kind of low (over an inch sticking out the bottom). Worked well on my practice pad... maybe my power will suffer though ????
Also, would I be better off with a lighter beater than the black plastic and felt dw factory ones ?

Sorry for all the questions.