heel toe high hat technique


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as a metal drummer i find it hard to place this useful tool into my songs. my band and i are near half way done with our new record and i still havn't found a place for it......

you the drummers, what is your take on this technique? and how often do you use it?


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I did not know people used that technique for hi hats?

I figured it was just for bass drum double strokes...but that sort of sounds interesting.

if you have any quiet parts in your songs, tech them up, that always makes things fun =D


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personally, i never even touch the hi hat pedal only because im doing too much on the bass drums. plus i play on a double bass set to i have the hi hit pedal turned away so i can have the hi hats closer to me. thats just me though.



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this technique is a bitch to fit in anywhere i have found, but im pretty crap to be honest

it HAS to be a slow track, or at least a slow section
but dont try and force it in there, just put what fits and sounds right in
forcing things in is just a bad idea, tried it, n failed many a time


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i am a big hi hat fan, i dont really like double bass so i focus more on single bass pedal and hi hat. This technique is more common for Jazz drummers, they used this technique often in their performances, i'm not sure of the link but theres something about on youtube if u search, i'll post the link if i find it 8)


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i don't really use the high hat pedal very much. i am a metal drummer and my feet usually stick to the bass pedals.