Head advice


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Hey guy n girls.

I'm having trouble finding the right heads for my snare and 12" tom.

I'm currently using Remo Ambassador smooth whites on both, but I'm going through them very easily.

I would try the Emperors (sp?) like I have on my floor tom, but I'm worried the extra thickness will kill the sound too much.

Any advice or recommendations?


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Hi. I have used both coated ambassadors and emporers on my snare and all my toms and while there is a little bit of difference in the sound I really don't think it is that noticeable. I would say the tom would be more noticeable than the snare, but I would say it would be worth trying because you may actually like it better than the ambassadors. Come on, whats $30 to try it? ;) Good luck!


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I've never tried emperors, I heard they have a real grungy sound to them. Ambassador is my dream head, I bought it and I don't think I'll be ever trying our another head.

For the tom, I would recommend getting the Aquarian studio-x with power dot.