has this ever happend to you?????????


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Back when i was in highschool i would always where a Zildjian t-shirt. About every day a kid would ask me " Are you a good Drummer". And i would say ya. then the kid would ask me how many songs can you play and i nenver really tried to play songs i tried to make my own stuff up. so i said none really and the the kid said you suck cause you cant play any songs
so do you really need learn how to play other bands songs to be a good drummer.....what do you guys have to say about this :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:


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Most drummers start out playing other peoples songs until they develop their own style. It's not a talent gauge by any means.


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"I could play all your favorite songs, but torturing myself just seems wrong."

That, or tell them to fuck off.

Steven McTowelie

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unless your goal is to be in a cover band, learning songs isn't a big deal. it's just a tool to learn different fills, grooves, etc. tell him to fuck off.


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nope, never happened. but ppl who dont play drums just think your good if you can copy someone else's work.

Mikey Ramone

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I would introduce him to my fist first, depending on my mood.

and then while he was on the ground I would tell him exactly what it takes to be a good drummer.
I think thats cool to play your own music, thats what I did when I started learning guitar was just make up my own shit, I was several years in before I learned a single cover song, and it made me much more of an original player. My old drummer was like mr Aerosmith and he could play anything that they ever played but ask him to make somthing up and he was litterly scratching his head. so just stay with the stuff you like and screw covers for now. Only reason to play covers is for the money.


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In high school, I used to always get "can you play Metallica?" I'd say "what does that mean?" Slowly I'd get it out of them that they wanted to hear the beat to "Enter Sandman". I'd say, "yeah, I guess if I wanted to, I could play the beat to enter sandman, but why would I want to?"

I've been in bands that play some covers, but even then I usually play it with my own style. I've picked up a lick here or there from other drummers, but honestly I think it's a waste of time to learn entire songs exactly the way somebody else plays them. It turns you into a very unoriginal, non-creative robot.

Kris Marrizon

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That's a load of bolox man! How can someone ask you how many songs you can play?!
I just plug my Ipod into my electric kit and play along to whatever comes on in the 'party shuffle' lol.
If you can play you can play in my opinion. Playing to other people's songs is just practise.