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hey just thought id share a wee story with all you european ppl! ive found my favourite hardware make and its dead cheap.

in june this year i wanted a cheap cymbal stand for my new crash! so went hunting on my fav online music store www.thomann.de and browsed for some stands.

http://www.thomann.de/gb/millenium_cb_9 ... aender.htm

i found the above stand and bought it thinking £33.12(48eur) was cheap. when it came holy crap its amazing ive never seen such a sterdy stand! its better than half the stands ive bought. anyways havent stopped there buying more stands i decided i need a seat. and just bought


this seat rocks its saddle shaped and sterdy. so if you think crap dont wana spend up to £80 - 120 for a decent seat think again. sometimes its better not to pay for the name! anywways thought id share this wee story. good luck ppl. :D