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Okay so I just got a brand new 5 piece Truth Custom drum set it was the center piece at NAMM but all I have are the shells.
Does anyone know how much hardware is going to cost? I need everything, basically. Or can someone direct me to a site? I've checked the local music stores and I can't find anything reasonable.


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Check out Musicians Friend and look for hardware prices. Basically, you want to count as about 100-120 bucks for one stand (exept the hihat). At least these are the typical prices for Mapex ware in Poland, so pretty decent hardware.

How many stands you want would be helpful :) and if you want best Pearl hardware, that'll be a bit more expensive.


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No no no, we are talking all the lugs from the toms, top and bottom, and bass drum, also the hoops for the toms.


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Jamell":wtjp7afd said:
No no no, we are talking all the lugs from the toms, top and bottom, and bass drum, also the hoops for the toms.
These drums were on dispay at Namm and you now have them with no lugs or hoops?

How did THAT happen?


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yeah, usually when you but a "shell pack" you get the lugs, rims rods, and heads. hope you got a really great price on the shells. you're looking at possibaly a few hundred more bucks by the time you gets the lugs, tension rods, washers, rims, floor tom legs, tom mounting hardware, bass drum hoops, (inlays if its a wrap kit, matching color if its a stained kit) claws for the kick drum hoops, spurs for the kick drum, and all the heads.

you're looking at about $200 for all new heads.

130- 180 bucks for kick drum hoops with the matching color/inlays

50-80 bucks for good bass drum spurs

maybe another 120 bucks for the tom rims (if its just a rack tom and floor tom)

60-100 bucks for the floor tom legs and mounting pieces

50-80 bucks for a tom mounting hardware

probably close to 100 bucks for all the lugs

75 bucks for the bass drum hoop claws

tension rods are under a buck per rod so that wont be too bad.

dont forget to buy vents too. theres probably a hole drilled for them already so you wanna protect that.

also, make sure you know the measurements of the holes drilled for the lugs before you order them so you can make sure you get the right thing.


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I have all the shells
the hoops for the bass drum.

I got all heads yesterday for 150 cuz I know some people sponsored by Remo.

All I need are the hoops for toms, and 3 or 4 lugs, which I can get from my friend, so nvm this thread.