Handmade Maple Kit....finally pics of it set up


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My Kit...w00t

Handmade By a Friend John Hood

12x12 tom
16x14 floor tom
18x20 bass
14 Gretsch snare

20 Medium A Custom Ride
16 A Custom Crash
14 A Custom Fast Crash
20 A Custom China
14 A CUstom Hats

Iron Cobra Double Bass
Evans G2 Heads
Maniac Lugs (the awsome spikes)
Lots of Mix and Match Hardware

(Coming Soon)
14x14 Floor Tom
18 Crash
20 Crash (dont know what kind yet)

then my big blue monster will be complete


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i would have been more impressed if you had stained it and lacquered it yourself. Whats the point of throwing some ugly wrap on?


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first i didnt have the money. but mostly its a travel kit. no point in making it super duper gorgeous when its bound to get a few dings.....iv never cared to much about looks anyways, just sound.


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honestly, a sick kit. i love it. nice lugs, and i even like the wrap. digging the reso head too :p


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man dont listen to those people bashing your kit. its awsome. very unique. thats cool that it doesnt look like every other kit out there. its nice to see some variety. rock on man!


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AK-Drummer":3a8k2e0q said:
.....iv never cared to much about looks anyways, just sound.
Because everyone know spiked lugs sound better than regular ones...

Just giving you a hard time dude. Nice kit.