Hand in hand.


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I'm sure you all realise that the only other person in the band whose instrument is THAT important (next to us :lol: ) is the bassist.

Which bassist would you like to work with and why?

Personally, I think Ryan Martinie (Mudvayne) is the shitz. Another person is Sam Rivers (Limp Bizkit). Why... I think I'll let their playing speak for themselves.

How about you?


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Aye Ryan Martinie rox the sox.

I would like to work with Flea from the RHCP, Shavo from SOAD, and Jaco Pastorius (r.i.p) from weather report


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geddy lee. amazing to say the least. or billy sheehan or mr. big. he plays a bass with more speed and technicality than a lot of people play a guitar.


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I think it would be cool to have Mike Portnoy play bass for me. You hear all the time about his drumming but never of him playing the bass. Just thought that would be cool.


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Les Claypool, Anthony Jackson, Christian McBride, Trey Gunn, Wojtek Pilichowski and Pastorius, of course



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BillRayDrums":fye2yiw5 said:
Jonas Hellborg.

Then I could die in peace.
Hellborg is awesome. I'd like to play with Gabriel Nelson of Cake or Mark White of the Spin Doctors (earlier recordings).


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DEFENATLY john myung of dream theater....i cant believe u guys forgot about him, and geddy lee also that would be good enough 4 me