Hand Drums for Drum Kit players


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I've found that playing hand drums helps my kit playing so much. I have become closer to rhythm in general and my hands are better. Being able to do fast doubles on a hand drum means you can do them right. Even a five stroke roll on a Dumbek is pretty hard. I think that all set drummers should play hand drums on a regular basis to help keep their hands in shape. They are fun and will help one get in touch with other kinds of music except rock based stuff.


its even fun to play the same cowbell pattern over and over and over and over and over and over ..................etc


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I seem to remember Remo making an entire drumset mande of hand percussion
It had regular resonant heads on the bottom but the tops were like the congas that are "normal" tension rods and mini claws
Even the snare was like that

Does anyone remember this?

The heads were that synthetic remo hand drum head that looked a lot like a Fiberskyn
They were mounted with regular drumkit hardware
Maybe I will find a pic somewhere

Bryan Deruchie

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Yeah - i do. in fact, there is a pretty great band from Mass. called Guster where the drummer Brian Rosenworcel plays the drums all using his hands. He even has the Remo Mondo hand snare as well as a Djembe, two congas, bongos, and some other funny looking drums to as well as an 18" Kick drum under his right foot. Check them out at www.guster.com.

I myself have created a set-up similar to his (before I heard of guster) using a Yamaha Club Jordan Cocktail drum for a bass drum - 14" snare and 2 congas, bongos, Djembe and lots of perc toys to boot! I play with sticks and hands and sometimes both.

Check out pics of my set-up on my My Space...

The heads by Remo are called FyberSkyn III!



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I was thinking of incorporating a few congas and djembes in my actual kit. Play them with the sticks and add a bit of ethnic spice to rock songs/solos. Then I could take em down and do up an awesome hand drum solo. The groupies love a guy who's good with his hands...