Guerilla Drumming Videocast


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Hi everyone,

My name is Eshan Khadaroo and I am new to your forum.... first of all I would like to thank whoever created this, as it is a GREAT way for drummers all over the world to connect...

For anyone who is interested, I have just started my own guerilla drumming videocast... 'guerilla' because it is all done on a shoestring budget - but also because so far I am not even using a drumkit... just pots and pans... the reason being that the principles I am teaching do not require a traditional kit in any sense and I hope to inspire would-be drummers young and old who are interested in learning the principles of drumming but who do not (yet) have any means to do so... and obviously anyone who has a kit can easily apply the teachings, so not to worry!

Here is a link to the videocast site:

It would be great to receive some feedback from you guys... every little helps :lol:

... and if anyone is interested in finding out more about what I have done so far, your best bet is to check out my official site:
...or my blog:

So much for now... look forward to hearing back from you guys... and if you like the videocast, plesae help spread the word!
All the best,
eshan khadaroo