Gretsch Renown Maple - Any Users?


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Thanks for the reply drumbeast72.

I did indeed get, not one, but two Renowns! :mrgreen:
I really wanted Autumn Burst but I couldn't find one, so bought one in Blue.
It then turned out that the colour was old so I couldn't add to it and then suddenly I found one in AB,
so I let the first kit go (whcih was hard!)

I totally love my Renowns. 8)



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Beautiful kit. I used to sell Gretsch at the store where I worked and those Renowns are the kits I recommended to those looking for Gretsch.
Same shell formula as the USA Gretsch, same look hardware yet so much cheaper.

Brilliant stuff.


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I own the Catalina maple kit, 6 piece. I've never played the renowns but I've learned that you get what you pay for when it comes to drums and gear. I was looking to upgrade to the renown kit, but I'm satified with my catalina kit for now. I was informed to replace the heads so thats what I did as soon as I got my kit and they sound great! I asked the local music guru's what the difference was between the catalinas and the renowns were and was told the catalinas shells were chinese maple and the renowns are American maple but I'm sure there are other differences. I plan on trying a set of the renowns out sometime in the future, but for the money, the catalinas are awsome compaired to other entry level sets.JMO..