Gretsch Cocktail Kit!! Anyone know the Value???!!!!


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Pictured below is a Gretsch Cocktail kit from what I believe is a late fifties model. It was taked oct 2005. I found this amazing kit in a thrift store in Glassboro NJ. I dont have a before pic unfortunately but heres the final product after restoration. If anyone knows the actual model and Value of this kit please let me know. I cant find it anywhere online. Thanks.
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i understand,
and i didn't mean to sound rude
you'll get responses
but if you post one thing all over the place
you won't get the responses you want

but for your set i don't know what it's worth
if you find the right person i'm sure you'll get quite a bit out of it


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It's probably worth a decent amount of coin. All original RB's, in bop sizes (18/12/14) command the most. There's a set on the bay right now of Burgundy sparkles that will probably sell for over $6,000. If you've restored it with all original parts, and the fact that it looks great, it's would be worth some decent money to a collector. I wouldn't be able to put an exact number on it though, as I am not 100% confident in the current market value.

Are the serial numbers/stickers still visible on the inside of the drums? What shape is the silver sealer in? Lots 'o variables. Not matter what, killer kit.


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kErmit vOn zOmbie":18gqx3ts said:
I have no idea, try hitting Gretsch up for some info. I'd love to take it for a spin! Is that an 8" tom?
Ha, yeah its a really fun kit. The main drum is 14" and the bongo on the side is 8"
Is that a Slingerland Espresso in you r pic? I almost had one of those for $100 but the guy bailed on me.