gretsch catalina ash?


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Hey i was looking into getting a Gretsch catalina ash set. it's a five piece with a bonus 8" tom. my lead singer thinks i should just get a more expensive one, that's maybe used. what are you opinions on the ash wood, and of the set all together?


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well i think you should go for buying the ash wood. check out which one you think its better, you the drummer my friend. :wink:


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this is the second time you have posted this. and i will say it again, the gretsch catalina ash is a great kit, i own one. it sounds great, dont let the price fool you. If you order it and dont like it, you can return it. But the stock heads dont even sound bad. Just get some newer stronger ones, and your set!


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Hey man, i own an ash kit. It comes with an added 8inch tom. Put some G2's on top and Hydraulics on bottom and they're cannons! I recommend getting the kit, its also a great deal for the set! :)