greetings from Houston TX


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Hello Board!

Just wanted to introduce myself to everyone here. I've received numerous bulletins on myspace from Greg, Drummer. Anyone know him? So I've been playing for 8 years now, I'm a full-time musician, and hopefully I'll be able to learn new things from you guys and vice versa. By reading most posts, everyone seems to be really cool, I know you have the occasional bashing, but what would a board be without it! Talk to you guys later!



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I agree the tone and the people on this board are quite nice, and I find it especially cool that different musical styles are accepted as a personal thing, as far as I have read posts. And I have seen a few very nice videos of drummers because I watch this board. And some funniest signatures ...


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Hey! Welcome, yah this is a rather positive place! :) Greg is actually the big boss of this site it seems actually! :p But yes... bashing is a must! :p Hope you enjoy the site!



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welcome strANGEL;
I'm sure you'll enjoy it here. There's a wide variety of folks offering lots of good advice.

How's Houston treating you? I enjoyed it last time we were there; played at the Engine Room and went to Amy's (I think it was) afterward for Stout-flavored ice-cream- that was weird.

cool town!


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jayusl":3lty13gq said:
welcome. Do you ever play down in New Orleans?
well i've played in metairie and st bernard parish i believe thats the name. I've played in n.o. at a placed called the bar and i've played at harrahs once