great up and coming drummers


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what are some of your favorite up and coming drummers? or even favorite drummers overall ? great ones that you have learned from??

include why as well


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Yohann Schmitt of France. This kid's going to be the next generation Vinnie.

Also, Andrew Fisenden of Australia. Brilliant young funk drummer, borrows heavily from 70s/80s funk-fusion while keeping things simple with a ?uestlove type set-up. Steve Smith played with him during a festival and said, to the effect, "He's already a monster."


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As far as up and coming, it would be hard to say. I don't know any bands that are that new. Now as far as any drummer I've learned from, I would have to say Thomas Lang. He is, in my opinion, the most inovative, most creative and most technical drummer drummer around. Basically, I think he's a god at what he does.