Great Piccolo Snares.


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What do you think is the best piccolo snare? I'd like to buy one in near future and I don't know what to choose. I thought about

Pearl FF brass 14x3.5
Premier Modern Classic Hammered Brass 13x5.5
Black Panther Hammered Brass 13x3.5

As you can see I'm looking for a brass one, but it is not the only option so suggest me your favourite piccolo!:)

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it maybe not a typical picollo but I personaly fell in love with the fat backbeat of Premier's modern classic 13x7" maple


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I use a Pearl M-1040 sopranino and it gives some hela crack. Good body, too. I have yet for a sound man to mic it! :mrgreen:


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When I use one, I have Yamaha's brass model.

Not the David Garibaldi sig. series, but pretty much the same drum. Adjustments on both sides of the strainer, etc....

I've always found this drum to be very versatile. Tune it up for a sharp crack, tune it down a bit and you can actually get some really good body out of it.


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Ok, I am totally unimpressed with pearl drums. I think there totally average sounding and I dislike them. But the best piccolo in my book is the pearl free floating snare. Even me who has played many many pearl sets, and dislikes them strongly, loves the pearl free floater.


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i heard the pearl steel picc. 3x13 snare when As Blood Runs Black came to haha Port Charlotte Fl which is like 10 mins from my house it was quite possibly the most distinctive thing on the stage and i could tell it was a great snare from his set up which was all spaun drums and the one piccolo snare real loud real cutting i'd suggest it


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Scott_Hurford":3ckn89nt said:
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Sonor Jungle 10x2 ;]
i've heard nothing but good things about this snare :D is it really as good as i hear?
it's very specific - you'd have to hear it - it's very dry sounding and quieter than a regular snare


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And.. What did u buy ? Which snare? If I were u I would buy FFS brass :) I have this amazing snare and I must tell u that It's the best piccolo which I've ever heard, it has power strike, it's very loud. But I wonder to change it for Maple :) I like warm concentrated sound than agressive sound of brass.


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well. there are MANY very good snares listed. non of which i dislike. and like some others i pretty much despise pearl. asside from their old carbon kits and the usa masters customs i really dont like anything they make as far as drums. and i really do like the free floater picolo. its prolly one of the most distinctive and recorded piccolos i can think of. ludwig make some nice entry priced ones. Pacific makes some that are nice. the mapex Black Panters are all insane. the 14x3(or 3.5) are insane drums. i love that series. and if your wanting a brasss one their brass model is a very good and reasonably priced model. i recomend a PureSound OFFSET snare wire set. its a 20(or 16 or 12) wire set. but has a section of 4 wires off between 2 sets of 10,8, or 6. it elimiates all buzz from other drums or guitar amps(i use it on all of my drums, the 20wire offset . ive been known to throw on a set of Puresound 42wire set and get it really groovin. on a picolo the 16 or 20 would work wonderfull . especialy with a brass i wou ld go with either a 20wire(puresound blasters), 20wire offset(my faveorite for general use), or the 42wire set. ive never tried the 42wire set on a picolo. but i know it works good on my 5x14 and 5.5x14. also insane on 6.6, 7, and even 8 x14
a very fun size is the 7x13. and 6x12. for a snare set up im workin on purchasing all of the drums coordinated to be 8x14 main. and7x13, and 6x12 sides. then eventualy purchasing a p icolo 3.5x14 for fun. i like snares cant ya tell
I`ve been using The Pearl FF brass piccolo for over 10 years and have yet to hear a better one. Although i haven`t played pearl drums for a couple of years now, switched to PDP`s, I`ll have that snare forever.