Great kick pedals


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Just wondering what the best is. I think the Double Eliminater is the best one, or iron cobra.

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I'm using Pearl Eliminator and it's everything I need from a pedal. It's durable, steady and really smooth. Although I'd love to try Axis, DW9000 and Trick Pro1-V but they're really expensive and I can't afford them. I've played Iron Cobra(to heavy feel for me), DW5000(really good, I liked it) and Janus(quite good as well, didn't have time to configure it to my likings though).


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The best that I've played would have to be Premier's EDP300 or Yamaha's Flying Dragon :)


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ive been using an iron cobra strap drive for about 2 years and its just amazing, strap is a little faster than the chain, but an awesome pedal, unless someone give me ALOT of money to use there equipment i'll be using iron cobra for the rest of my life


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I don't have one at the moment. But, DW pedals usaully have the feel I can tweak that I like. Smooth, fast, and even. Instantaneous (sp?) response, gotta love the d-dub.


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I am very lucky to own 2 bass drums. That is ideal for doubble bass because it lets me set up my drumset around my snare. I use 2 Ludwig Speedkings. They were the grandfather for the axis design, the direct drive. I love the small squeek sound they give off, that you can hear on every led zeppelin album.

For actual doubble pedals, im not too picky. I do happen to like strap drive pedals better than the chain drive, so Iron cobra is up my alley. The DW 9000 is a little too controlled for me, so from DW I like the 5000. Its fun to play around with differnt doubble pedals for a change in feel so next in my list would be the yamaha flying dragon.


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By far the smoothest thing since breast implants!
I wouldn't trade this pedal for anything. Iron Cobra's are too top heavy for me. This DW has just the right moves to make me weak in the knees.


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I used to use a pearl Eliminater P1000s, with the power shifter cams but i was later introduced to axis percussion. These pedals are amazing they have so much adjustment in them in all areas. they are un believably fast too. And if youve heard of and use the "double bounce" heel-toe technique, then these are the best pedals to use, the extended foot plate model (longboard) are perfect to really booom out that heel stroke. I believe these are the perfect pedal, the double model is awesome and i aint never going to go back to other pedals.


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I use iron cobras and love them. I hear the axis longboards are amazing (but costly) once you get used to them though.


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i own the dw 9000 and love it heres how everything stands up in my opinion:

dw9000-smooth fast can be tweaked like crazy

dw5000- heavy hard hitting lots of power

pearl eliminator- heavy lots of control and durable

yamaha flying dragon- the most acurate pedal you'll every play. hits eactly when u need it every time .

tama iron cobra - loosey goosey. smooth as a baby's behind but no control

axis- accurate but direct drive feels to stiff not much bounce back.


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I currently use an Iron Cobra single. Been using it for around 2-3 years. Awesome pedal. However I'm going to buy the Pearl Eliminator Double Pedal pretty soon.


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I use to use the pearl powershifer eliminator... but i switched to the dw 9000' s about 6 months ago and i FREAKIN LOVE THEM.... they are definatley worth every penny.


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i got elims, but axis pedals are good for fast speed and they are smooth, so are the new trick but both are pricey