Great Drum Catalog


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Hey, I don't know if this place has been brought up before and I don't work for or even know anyone who works for this place but as a drummer I think this place is good.

I'm lucky enough to live near a good music store with a good drum section and cool people working there where I can get most of what I need but for those times when they don't have what I need or if I want to research other stuff Interstate Music is a GREAT online store. They have a Drums only catalog that is amazing in detail and options. You can get a catalog free on their site. It is a godsend for me. I use the catalog as a reference all the time. I hope this doesn't upset the mods because Musicians Friend advertises with this site. I have used Musician's friend and I get their catalog but it really is no comparison to the info you get from the Interstate Music Drum catalog. Even if you never buy anything from Interstate Music the catalog is really helpful in letting you know what options are available.