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I've been playing drums for about 12 years. I'm currently doing a practice routine were I'm trying to "go back in time" and fill in the gaps of stuff I left unlearned. I'm self-taught, and usually us self-taught guys have lots of holes in our foundation. Anyway, I know a bunch of basic and more complicated rudiments, but not all. Also, I couldn't name the ones I know to save my life. What I want to do is get a good book or DVD that has all the rudiments and sit down and re-learn them all, this time with names and all. Anybody have any suggestions on good rudiment books or DVD's?


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Right up my alley.

The best book for the 40 would be Matt Savage's Rudimental Workshop. Comes with comprehensive explanations on the Standard 40, with exercises and a rudimental solo for each rudiment. Comes with a play-a-long CD.

For more advanced studies, go with The Rudimental Cookbook, and Just Desserts, both by Edward Freytag. These books introduce to hybrid rudiments, which are just combinations of the standard 40. Such titles include the Swiss-A-Diddle, Egg Beaters, Ripits, Herta's, Book Reports, etc. Both books come with CD's of the solo's.

For study in rudiments, get the Workshop. The Freytag books are more geared towards the soloist.

As for DVD's, Check out anything Bill Bachman has done. He's big at a place called Rowl-Off. Look him up at

One thing I should say. I would be careful of buying a "rudimental" book or dvd from anyone that isn't a rudimentalist first and foremost. I'm not saying that they can't play and teach them. But, it is not their strong point. There is a whole subculture of drummers focused solely on rudiments and technique. Believe me, I was and still am one of them. So, before you buy a rudimental book by Thomas Lang of Stanton Moore, just remember that there are others out there that make rudiments their living. I'd go to them first.

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In my case, I think Joe Morelo´s book "Master Studies" is the book for hand technique. But it makes more emphasize on your technique, endurance, speed and power while you play rudiments than anything else. However, I highly recommend you this book!

In Wilcoxson`s " Rudimental swing solos for the modern drummer" you will find not only tons of regular rudiments(with names and everything) at the beginning, but also many swing solos where you can apply them musically. Lovely!

You should also buy either Joe Morello`s DVD: "The natural approach to technique" or "Secret weapons for the modern drummer" by Jojo Mayer (Jojo’s DVD comes with more interesting stuff) in order to watch and understand the way technique and grip works so you can correct any of those hide mistakes you can’t notice by yourself.