good online drum teachers


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ya so i've been drumming for about 2 1/2 years now...never really had any lessons...i've picked up a couple dvd's and books by dave weckl..but i was wondering who some good online drum instructors are because i dont really have time or money for a personal teacher..but i want to broaden my drumming skills...maybe even some advice u guys have out there would be great too

o and one around here really knows anything about drumming so i do i know if i've become an okay drummer or if i still need improvement..i mean i no there's always room for improvement but you know wat i mean


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Do you have any means of recording yourself? Or are you looking for online lessons more than an online instructor?


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I highly recommend you the there you can learn with top teachers all over the world: Dave Weckl, Bissonette, Acuña, you have the best of the drum world, in a website. In the other hand, it is not free, but its 10 pounds a month which is fair enough. And If you have any doubt about lessons.. they answer the same day, which is the thing I have more appreciated during the 6 months I have been studying there.


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great online teacher
he just does videos on certain tricks tho

Derrick Pope
on drummerworld

theres a lot of videos of lessons on there too
hopefully you've been there


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I was just gonna mention Aaron Bland but he beat me to it. His teaching web site is really good for people in your situation.



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just go to and look up ur faverite bands and watch the drumming... if u cant see it properly look up the band followd by drumming EG machine head drumming, and itll have either the drummer or a guy playing the same song, all u gotta do is watch and learn, try to match each stroke, its pretty much all an instructer will b showing u