Good ol' Tama Rockstar!


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I LOVE MY NEW SPAUN SNARE! (acrylic coke bottle)

The REMO Coated Weather King Ambassadors sound GREAT!

It should be another month until my 8x7 tom comes in from Japan!

8" B8 Splash
10" B8 Splash

14" Zildjian Z Custom Mastersounds

16" Zildjian Oriental China/Trash

16" Zildjian A Custom Fast Crash
18" Zildjian ZBT Crash/Ride... It will never crack...

21" Istanbul Ride Custom Dry Mehmet... going to sell to save up for a Sabian HH Raw Bell
I got the Iron Cobras with the DW SM105 HardCore Adjustable Beaters... the Beaters are very nice i must add.


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vargasdrumbeast":27zcvz39 said:

What did you do to that cymbal all the way at the top of your set?

Great setup anyway

HAHA its glow in the dark stuff haha i got the ZBT stuff when i was like 12... still sounds good, i need to head on over to the cymbal cleaning thread and get some cleaning stuff.