Good E-kits...Are They Worth It?


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Yes it's worth it to DIY if you are electronically inclined. The nice thing is you don't need expensive shells to have great E drums and you can refinish with any look you want. Then buy mesh heads separately and the piezos and other parts to build it and get a good module like a Roland TD-12 and you'll spend half what you would for a brand name. Probably the most difficult part is the cymbals (the cheapest crap acoustics will work for a conversion) but plenty people still do their own or you could purchase (Harts, Smartriggers, some small DIYers who do amazing work). If you want to know more, check out and look in the DIY threads. You'll get lots of help (use the search first).

You can also do really well if you find the right used kit. Here's a good deal on a Hart: You'll still need to get a compatable module, hi hat stand (preferably a Hart) and snare stand (any kit stand you already have would work).