Good drum setup for recoding?


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It features the classic Rock configuration of:- (its a pearl export mostly aprt fomr cymbol stand and snare stand i think)

22" bass drum, 16" Floor Tom, 12" and 13" Mounted Toms and a 14" Export Steel shell snare. The Bass drum has a Remo Weatherking batter head, the snare a Remo Weatherking coated Ambassador, both like new. All the shells are in good condition, the Bass drum hoops are chrome, not plastic as on later models.

Cymbals included are a Sabian Solar set of 14" hi-hats, 16" crash and 20" ride, all in good condition, with a virtually brand new Stagg 17" hand made crash.

Hardware included is a Pearl Bass drum pedal with a new beater, two Pearl cymbals stands, a Stagg cymbal stand,a Pearl hi-hat stand and a Tama snare stand. The stool is a solid one with piano style spin height adjustment.

Is this a good setup to get a decent sound from recoding?



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You Tom Bass Snare setup sounds pretty good. I'm not so sure on your cymbals. They seem pretty low quality. If you like sabians I would get some aa's or aax something like that. but that's a good starter kit. Get some better cymbals b4 you record I'd say. w/e you wanna do that's just my opinion


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The heads seem to be in decent shape. That Stagg may have a nice tone; probably dark. I don't know about the bass drum batter head, though. The picture doesn't do it justice. If you take the time to tune the drums, it may sound alright. Is it an ideal set for recording? Probably not, but unless you want to invest quite a bit more money, it may be the best you can do. Do you know anyone who may let you borrow a nicer kit to record with or does the studio provide a kit? It's worth asking. Just my $.02.


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not really as the rooms in the studio are terrible for recording drums, but what kit would you advise thats good for recording? itll have to be an all rounder for lots of genres.

i got £700 to play with...



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i don't know man, those are the old exports. the new ones are good, and those cymbals are not gonna sound good at all. look for somethin a little better if u can. good luck

kErmit vOn zOmbie

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if you know what you are doing you can record on a guitar case and make it work. set up sounds ok. new heads could be worthwhile depending on what you wanted your sound to be.


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Unless I'm mistaken, those heads say "Mapex" on them. Which means they're Remo Ambassadors, but not the kind you walk into the drum shop to buy. These, like most stock heads, suck ass. My guess is that his buddy just got a Mapex, changed all of the heads, and dude got them to replace the beat up heads on the kit. So, that kit needs all new heads and a new set of cymbals. Personally, I'd keep looking for a kit with some cosmetic flaws, like dings and scratches, that comes with better heads and cymbals. If it's a studio kit it doesn't matter in the slightest how pretty the finish is. All that matters is how it sounds. :)

By the way, skins are made out of actual animal skin. Drum heads are made out of mylar or Kevlar for marching snares.