good double bass technique books?


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my names jacob cohen im twelve and ive been playin drums for three years and i use joe francos book and u might also want to check out his dvd also it has great tips and exercises .
"The Encyclopedia of Double Bass Drumming" by Bobby Rondinelli & Michael Lauren is a really good book. its a Hal Leonard and modern drummer book. I havent played it yet, but ive looked at it and its been recomended by my drum teahcer and many other drummers.


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Double Bass Drumming by Joe Franco

Progressive Double Bass Drumming by Bob Burgett

Double Bass Drumming - The Mirrored Groove System by Jeff Bowders


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The Evolution of Blast Beats by Derrek Roddy.

It's not a pure double bass book, but you know if Derek wrote it, there's gonna be some sick double bass stuff in there.