Good 2nd set?


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superstars are great drums but there are a few cautions with the hyperdrive kits.

1 - its not expandable because its a limited edition set with specific sizes and finishes

2 - if you play your floor toms up high then the 12x14 tom may not work well for you (i play a yamaha 14x14 with the legs fully extended in the back 2 brackets, 12" deep tom would need some extremely long legs)

3 - the shallow toms wont have as full a sound as the deeper toms on your kit.

im not going to try to put you off buying this kit because its not bad at all, theres just a few things about it that i personally dont like.


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for the price u could get a mapex pro m or pearl ecx shell pack. both of these kits imho will serve you better. this is a fine kit tho, if u want it then go for it.


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well what im looking for specifcally is a 6 piece if anyone has any recommendations thats my main requirement. its because im left handed and I want a floor tom to put on the left side


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Buy a shell pack and an add-on tom and tell the salesman that you want a package deal on it. I play a PDP LX and I'm pretty happy with it. Tuning takes a little getting used to because of the fine thread on the tension rods, though.