Going to shows, do you find yourself...

As a musician, particularly a drummer, when you go to a concert or show, do you listen for certain things? or notice something interesting a drummer is doing and then go home and try it out? just wondering. since i find myself doing this very often.


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yeah, i tend to kinda focus on the drummer. its always awesome to go out and see other drummers styles and everything to inspire new ideas in you.


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Haha, i just went to a local battle of the bands last night and i found myself watching primarily the drummer, not the crazy frontman and his antics, or the shredding guitarists, just the drummer. I found myself scrutinizing every aspect of what they played, and if i felt i was better or could do what they were doing better, it would make me a little angry that they were doing it their way and not myne. but if i saw something i liked, in this case i did (the final bands drummer, actually the entire final band) i like to watch, try to absorb the drum beats, and the placement of each note and how it relates to the music being played and how well it was chosen. makes for a fun time when i get home to try out some of the cooler fills and beats i saw.

and that cool band i saw was called yarrow, really enjoyed listening to them

check them out. they're all my age (17ish) and i think they have a bright musical future.