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does anyone here uses gloves when drumming. i dont because i find it very hard to hold the stick because it tends to slide easily.

Cretin Holmes

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i use zildjian gloves i find that i dont drop sticks as much and also they keep my hands warm . it took me awhile to get used to them .


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i used stick tape once to help against blisters(and i tried various methods of changing grip) but i always got blisters. so i bought stick tape. it sucked for me. it gave me blisters faster! so i thought about gloves but idk.


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u mainly get blisters coz ur just starting but then they turn to calises but if u stop playin for like a week u get blisters again, u may aswell just bare through the pain coz u get a betta feel with a bare hand


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stump":2oy05h2c said:
Nope. Not here! Peace on ya! Callusses build charactor! :D
true word stump haha. trade stories. "oh this one time i had a callus this big < ------------- > etc." haha


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I have never in my life used gloves. They always seem to impede motion just a hair. I don't really drop sticks often, so I don't need them for that reason. Don't really have calluses, just hands that are a tad rougher than your normal office drone.


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I use gloves and love them. I use them to two reasons, one, for slippage and anti vibration and the second is because I have arthritis in my right had from breaking it a few times. The heat from the glove helps keep in loose.