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The Heel

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First song (Gone) is tasty, reminding me a bit of first cd Breaking Benjamin style. I like when you bring it half time.

The tom break down is Incubus like, which is also nice. You rush the guitar solo slightly, but its tasty.

Thats a gorgeous set of Pearls by the way.

Second song (Let Go) is more of a Staind type drum part. Any issues with the song are not because of you(Your singer likes to go flat ;P)... the side sticking in the middle was a nice choice.

Dead Generation is right back to that Breaking Benjamin first album style. Your snare sounds a lot like his too. I didnt fall in love with the sixteenths on the hi-hat in the bridge, but at that point its a matter of taste.

Panning the toms was nice. This was the messiest song thus far, but more than fine for a demo recording and still good.

The bass solo was really surprising and I loved it.

You guys are a good band. I like the bass player and a lot of the lead guitar stuff.

Me, is rushed slightly. I only mention it because its recorded. Live something like that is common and often purposely done.

Are you a Chad Szeliga fan? Because you play slightly like him.

Good stuff. You are a solid drummer. Keep it up.


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Thanks for the kind words and I glade you like the kit, it took a long time to save and buy them. I like chad but he was never that big of a deal to me. Yeah it rushed a little bit but the main reason for that was there was so much overdoub done that we could not get the mix just perfect and did not have a nuff money to redo the drum tracks. But I am glad you noticed that because when we were mixing down all the other guys in the band were like ( sounds fine to me, your nuts) and for the must part I cant realy notice now that I have heard it a millon times but in some part I thought it was off by a hair. so thanks a lot man.

The Heel

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No problem. The fact that you knew means you can win the battle. Its when you dont know that the battle is a lost cause.