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Check out my new Taye kit... I just got endorsed! More pics to follow, sizes: 8, 10, 12 14, 16 & 18 floors, two 18 x 24, and my trusty 8 x 14 free-floater. I have one of Taye's incredible wood hoop snares on order, man it is sweet! Seriuosly, these drums sound sick! The hardware is smart and sturdy, I'll be getting a full set of Taye hardware before month's end... thanks for checking it out!


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Wow, that's one truly amazing kit you got there! I like those white kick reso heads :) They look very classy. Please post full specs!


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Thanks for your comments...

Quotations are from Ray Ayotte, president of Taye: The TourPro Birch and Basswood shell consists primarily of Birch in the core plys and Basswood in the exterior and interior finish plys...We use Basswood for the finish plys both for beauty and the warmth this softer hardwood adds to the overall sound. We like to think of our TourPro as producing a classic sound with lots of “center”.

The shell construction is unique to Taye – we butt join all the panels and bond under high pressure and heat, eliminating glue thickness. This allows pure tone to emanate from the shell. Anything that stresses the wood during construction will result in undesirable overtones. Our shell construction method is more difficult to execute but results in superior sound.

...One “secret” we have that helps promote great sound is the way we attach our tension lugs to the shell. The gasket you see is not what it appears. This gasket is studded and acts as a support for the tension lug. When you get the chance, take one apart and check out how it works. Because our tension lug gasket design completely supports the lug, we minimize the stress on the shell from beating the head. Every stroke of the head pulls on the tension lug and wants to pull and bend the shell. Our unique design reduces this stress. You can hear the results: fine tone at all dynamic levels. You can hit our TourPro drums pretty hard before they start to distort. Also, you can hit them very softly and still hear great tone. Our philosophy in building great sounding drums is to try understand what “prevents” drums from sounding good, and eliminating those impediments.


2 - 24x18







snare is a Pearl Maple Free-Floater, 8x14
also use a ludwig 5x14 steel
pearl 3x13 maple

Live: Paiste Prototypes:
19" Rock Crash
22" Heavy Ride
18" Medium Crash
20" China
14" Sound Control Hats
10" Splash

Studio: Zildjian
20" K Heavy Ride
18" and 16" K Custom Session Crashes (Love them!!!)
14" New Beat Top, Quick Beat Bottom
10" Splash
13" K Top/Z Bottom

Sticks: Vic Firth Buddy Rich model
Pedals: DW 5000's or Yamaha Double
Heads: Evans G2 Coated or EC2 batter
G1 Resonant
Reverse Dot Power Center Snare Batter
Evans 300 hazy resonant
Aquarian Superkick 2 (for now)
MoonGel on 12-18 toms

I get killer deals on Evans, Meinl, LP, Audix, and other great stuff from my friends at boomboompercussion.com.


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Thanks... they sound awesome! Nice, full warm tone, with so much sustain, they HAVE to be gated live. The big drums sound especially nice...

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Well you have my curiosity peaked I will have to check them out very soon. Love major sustain. Looking forward to hearing them. Gotta ask my supplier to get some so I can check em out.