Funny Story at a rehearsal

Andy Jessop

New member
Back in the days before Asbo's and council inspectors with decibel readers. We used to rehearse in the guitarist Tim's living room in an old terraced villa property in West Bromwich. What I am about to tell you is a real live event that happened in 1992. We always left the gear set up in the room because it was a spare room a front Parlar that wasn't used and was rarely cleaned due to the equipment everywhere. what I am about to tell you is a true account the room was frequented with several Cats. We normally got together from 7:30pm-10:30pm every Tuesday or Thursday.
I used an old spare Trixon kit that I had given to me. I stripped it because you do daft stuff when you don't know any better. I took the old scratched covering off re-varnished it just for practice kit. The front was cut out on the bass drum with an old blanket inside. I remember seeing the odd cat turd in the room on a regular basis with a tape worm doing a pole dance on a guitar lead from time to time and sometimes moths used to attack me from the curtains. The guys tuned up and i counted us in and we went into a new cover that we had been learning. It was quite a busy song and all of a sudden i hit the bass and i heard a dull thud i thought the skin had popped. i saw a flash out the corner of my eye a cat shoot out the bass drum and up a pair of curtains at the side of me in the bay window where i was playing. It must have been asleep under the blanket and woke up with a start we all stopped playing and erupted it was so funny with a ginger blur shooting out the drum and up the curtain's.....all wide eyed and a look of shock on its face........