Funniest drum story?


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Anything that you've done or have seen that made you laugh....
Thought because I'm new I'd contribute somehow ^_^

Like the time I was told to hit the snare harder.
I jabbed it with my stick and tore a hole right through it.....
Good excuse to get a new snare skin, and made it sound that much better =D

Any others?


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At one of my first shows i was doing a fast fill and i hit my
self in the mouth and got part of my frount off my tooth
chiped off i didnt notice anything till after the show.


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i was at a gig (first outside one) half way through the 2nd song, i hit one of my crash cymbals and it randomly cracked and a bit flew off the edge nearly killing our bassist, then it came to the breakdown at the end of the song, one of my beaters flew out of the pedal, after that i felt like we shouldnt really be playing there :p


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I have seen an idiot break a Vic Firth Metal stick in half two secounds into his frist song and the stick was brand new, I saw him with the sticks in a Guitar Center bag. I guess he had AWSOME technique to do that. :wink:


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Setting up at a gig one time and our singer at the time was acting funny all night and locked himself in a bathroom stall for like a half hour..we got concerned about him thought he was doin drugs or something..we kept asking if he was alright..then he snapped and yelled "Leave me the f*&@ alone!!!... I got diarrhea !!!" And everyone in the bar heard him... it was a classic moment.



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i was doing a drum solo and was banging my head while in the solo, i got dizzy from the headbanging so when i was done i stood up to walk off stage and fell pride was hurt more than my body haha i felt like such an ass


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I've definitely shoved a drumstick up my nose whilst playing (accidentely).....bleeding profusely for the rest of the set.

Rock N nylon tips aren't made to fit into the human nostril.


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If you've seen the Joey Jordison solo, you'd know what I'm talking about.
Anyway, I was just playing some random fills etc. and when I got up to put my sticks down, I threw them at my snare, splitting the skin all the way trhough, due to it's tightness... I felt so stupid!


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a leader of an old band from a few years back got us a sweet gig at this bar... and we were headlining so it was late... at one point the group of people there rushed the stage and a filipino man (sp?) who was completely hammered and asked to play drums... and i let him.. it was wild

kErmit vOn zOmbie

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we were playing the university of north dakota once and i just finished doing a circuit around the drumset (different kit than today) and i jumped back onto the throne, and it tipped back on me, sending me backwards off of the stage at a height of about 3 feet. somehow i managed to bail on the stool and land on my feet, jump back up and catch the beginning of the next tune without missing a beat. i love working without a net!!!!


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boys...some of you might have experienced this. I switched from a stool seat throne to a bicycle seat and the first show I played with it I sort of caught one of my man-marbles under my leg. Use your imagination. You know what I'm saying.


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well this is funny to me when i was playing in my basement my friend was makin me really mad so i threw my drum stick at him and it actually CURVED up the stairs and almost hit him in the head except he moved out of the way.


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Back in the late 70's I was playing drums full time in a disco horn band that was touring the highways and byways of upstate New York and I think we were playing like 175 shows a year at the time. I had been on the road for months and you know how messed up "road food" can weaken your immune system... Anyways, I was running a temperature of 102 or so and I had walking Pneumonia... Entirely too stupid and/or broke to go to the Doctor.

In the middle of some disco rendition of a Doobie Brothers song, I passed out and fell right off the throne and off the back of the stage onto the concrete floor. I woke up in an ambulance on the way to a hospital in Oswego NY.

The band found a substitute drummer and LEFT me in Oswego, I caught up with them about a week later so I could get my drums off the bus and head home for some R & R... I never played with that band again.

I never could stand that lead singer anyway...


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this isn't necessarily while I was playing drums, but close enough.

I had just gotten all my stuff set up on stage and the sound guy was still putting mics up, so I hopped off the stage and got some water. I started back to the stage with a cup of water in each hand, and asked politely for my bassist to please move out of the way so I could get up on the drum riser. He, naturally, didn't hear me so instead of asking again I just kinda stepped over him. I lost my balance pretty easily and tripped over him, his instrument cable, and my hihat stand, throwing the water wildly in the air. I tried to stick out a hand to brace myself against the back wall, but there wasn't a wall, just a black curtain. I took a pretty gnarly dive off the back of a 4 foot stage with a 1 foot drum riser and landed on my face on the ground, where my two water cups fell nicely on me.

Definitely not one of my brightest moments. Luckily it's a really dark venue and the only people that saw it were the sound guy, my bassist, and my girlfriend at the time, who made me feel much better about myself after the show 8)


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3 seperate times..

Once, I was SO hammered while playing, I not only puked, but I projected vomit so far out, it went across my snare drum, toms, and the mircrophone. It didn't really phase me or slow me down (though i was so hammered, I was probably so off tempo. HA!), I actually made a really lousy-looking grin with vomit all over my mouth. But the worst part was a few beats later: I hit the snare drum real hard and vomit bounced up and splashed everywhere(like in some of those 90's music videos with water on the drums). So I got more vomit on myself and the rest of my drums. stomach acid is brutal on drum heads and rims.
The crowd loved it.

Another time, I had the runs while playing. Plain and simple.
It was pretty much worse than the vomitting situation. Because I was drunk, it was just worse.
The crowd didn't really like it. the band did. javascript:emoticon(':wink:')

Another time, after playing on my 4-year-old Percussion Plus throne, the plywood underneath snapped, the cushion fell apart, and I dropped like the Stock Market. And, well you'll get the rest. javascript:emoticon(':cry:')


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This is def a classic gig story. My band was playing in a smaller town on a tour once. It was at a church so the sound was reletively legit so i wasn't too worried.

I got all my shit onstage and got all ready and told the sound guy to let me know when he was ready to check drums, he gave me a puzzled look but said ok. I walked off and idk, probably got a coke or something, i gave him like 10 minutes, when i came back i noticed he still hadn't done anything so i asked him what was up. He said he was ready so i got onstage and he went and grabbed the mics. Since i got a weird vibe from the guy I asked my bassist to go out front and make sure everything was all good.

He stood there and looked puzzled as i went around the kit checking each drum. I finally decided to get up and look for myself at what was up.

Here's what i saw:

-The bass drum mic was 2 FEET in front of the sound hole.... pointing at the ground.
-The rack tom mic was attached to the rim... but point up INTO the crash cymbal.
-The floor tom mic was also attached to the rim.... but pointing back behind me at the wall.

I was at a loss for words... i fixed the mics accordingly and went back to my soundcheck a little unnerved.

Afterwards, one of my guitarists asked him if the guitar cabs would be mic'd(we didn't always have this luxury). Again he looked puzzled, but said yes. We walked offstage again and left him to his work.

When we returned we saw no microphones... but 3 monitor wedges positioned about half a foot in front of each cab facing them........ i think at that point we just left them there and played the show anyway.....

I hope someone else can see the rediculousness of this night.



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I fell asleep mid song it was a dollar dance at some wedding I was playing. I was told I didn't miss a beat. the guitarist walked over and kicked me I woke up and we finished the song. Wish I could remember details.


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Once we were on the road playing in South Carolina at a club Ground Zero I believe. We had to open so were playing to maybe a couple of dozen people (whoa!) and saw no reason not to have some Jager shots! Toward the end, of the set I had snapped my bass drum pedal beater (DW) and had to borrow an Iron Cobra from another drummer. By the end of the show, I was standing on my drum stool and it too broke! The seat broke right off of it! It was an expensive night.

I was ready to leave that state!