fun cymbal combinations


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when i get bored and have a lot of time on my hands i like to rearrange my cymbals to have cool combinations and stacks

so far ive found that a 12" wuhan on top of a 14" crash (with the right torque on the wingnut) has a really cool stack sound, something im going to try to make permanent. also, i found that a 10" splash on top of an inverted 12" wuhan on a hihat stand has a lot of sound possibilities, whether theyre hit together, ridden on like hihats, closed etc... and i would also like to make this a permanent set.

what have you guys found that have interesting effect sounds?


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As I am on a budget until summer (when I can get work), I made a cool effect cymbal out of a Flats brand 13" top hihat stacked on top of a Flats 14" crash.

It sounds good with just the right tension. I use a hihat felt to seperate them so i get a louder sound.


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Try making a hi-hat with a smaller top hat. The chick sound is shimmery and kind of airy. Takes some time to master regular stick hat playing though.

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Ive got a few stacks that I like to mix and mtch, with some 10 ans 12 splaches, and soem 9 1/2 ans 11 1/2 mini chinas that sound realy cool, I also have tryed them as mini hihats on a remote stand tha sounds cool to


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i havent tried any reallly cooky ones ina while. but i was using an `18in med crash with a 14in thin crash on top of it with a piece of felt no thicker than a piece of paper to seperate them for a lil sizzle for a long time. one day i was using the butt end of my sticks and hit the 14 on top and it bowed inside out. i was like eh ok. no big loss. so now i use the inverted(bowed inside out) 14in thin crash as a splash/china/crash effect on a stand by itself. its got a good loud sound to it. the edges have some wear on them so it has a nice sound to it.


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I occasionally swap out the bottom hat on my right (X-hat) with a 14" Wuhan China, or a 12" Z Custom Splash over 12" Wuhan. Or stick an inverted hi-hat inside a 22" china. My favorites are either a Paiste sound edge , or an AA sizzle Hat.