'Fun' Accessories


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hey all, just wondering what are peoples favourite 'fun' accessory i.e. not used 2 drum with but for fun

i seem to remember the streets drummer had some cool bar optics or something attatched to his kits rack. things like that



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My band supported another band and their drummer had a sign saying I LOVE PORN! i thought that was pretty rad


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only thing I haul that's not for hitting is an oil projection lamp for my bass drum head.


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Wasn't my set, but ive seen a set where the dude mounted a little skull bobble head guy on his kit. So when he rocked out the little guy would go ape sh**. Was pretty funny.

-And then-

I made a set outta paper plates and twigs from trees when i when campen one time. That was pretty fun. :shock:


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I'm gonna buy a big plastic skull to put over my bass drum's tom mount after I move my tom off the bass drum and onto its own snare stand.