FS: Vintage Premier kit. $500


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Hi all,

I'm looking to sell my vintage Premier kit. The sizes are 12/16/20 metric with the matching 5.5x14 Royal Ace Snare. I also have and will include the special order Remo coated ambassadors for the 16" tom. I have 2 or 3 of them left. Because it's metric, the diameter is about 16 5/16". 12, 14, and 20 inch heads all fit on the other drums.

The kit was built between 1960 and 1962. The wrap is a sort of tiger stripe that was either a special order from Premier or a re-wrap. As a result, other than the lugs and hardware, the only Premier logo appears on the floor time leg brackets. Both the floor tom brackets and bass drum spurs are spring loaded instead of having wing nuts, which is very cool.

There is a crack in the bass drum wrap, but not the shell. All of the shells are solid. I will get some pictures in the next few days. The only picture I have now is of the snare:

The third pic shows a different batter hoop. The snare does have an original die cast Premier hoop. Some of the lugs on the snare do show hairline cracks which is common for these types of lugs. You can see this in the third picture on the lug on the right. The hardware on all of the drums has minor pitting but is in decent shape overall.

If anyone is interested, please reply or shoot me a PM. I am located outside of Philadelphia, PA, so if there is anyone local who may be interested, I would be happy to meet up with you to discuss and show you the drums.

$500 for all 4 drums and rack tom BD mount. I am most interested in selling this kit rather than a trade as I need the money to pay off some other gear. That doesn't mean that I would not entertain the idea of a trade. Thanks.

<b>NOTE: In the first photo you can see a broken lug on the right side. I have replaced that lug and all lugs are intact.</b> Also, my camera battery died before I could take more pics of the full kit earlier. Once I get the battery replaced, I can post images of the whole kit. It really is a beauty, but it's time for the kit to move on.