fs: tama swingstar, hardware, cymbals, sticks


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im selling my tama swingstar drum set since it is unused now and i could use the extra money. specs:

vintage blue swingstar standard 5 pc, bought new in 2003
16x22 bass, emad batter head (some duct tape because the plastic ring cracked), tama logo reso head with homemade port
10x12 rack tom, coated g2 batter head, clear g1 reso head
11x13 rack tom, coated g2 batter head, clear g1 reso head
16x16 floor tom, coated g2 batter head, clear g1 reso head
5.5x14 snare, coated genera batter head, hazy 300 snare side head

tama swingstar series convertible boom stand
tama swingstar series snare stand
tama swingstar series hihat stand
pacific dp400 double pedal
tama hp10 single pedal
tama double tom mount

14" zildjian zbt hihats, top hat is cracked but if you invert the hats they sound great and theres no more damage being done
20" zildjian zbt ride, nothing wrong with it but shows signs of wear

ill also throw in a pair of promark 5a oak sticks.

also, i have an old pacific convertible stand and a planet z 18" crash/ride that i can throw in. the cymbal is whole but the stand isnt very high quality (it came free with a cymbal set) and isnt in the greatest condition. i have a feeling that the stand wont last too long even with the best care...the tubing is dented, some threads are stripping, and the top tube takes a pretty big effort to move, but the stand does hold a cymbal effectively and if you want the stand and cymbal ill throw them in.

cosmeticaly this set is in great condition as it is a wrapped finish. i think there are a couple very small nicks in the chrome on one or two of the bass lugs but other than that i dont know of any problems. the stands and floor tom legs are marked with sharpie, though, for my personal reference if i had to move anything.

these drums were only out of my house a total of 3 or 4 times and each time i took the utmost care to keep anything from happening to these drums.

im asking 400 for everything and if youre within 30 miles or so of me i will personally deliver them, if not shipping will be arranged. i will also consider other reasonable offers.

pics are available upon request.