Fragility of Electronic Kits


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My neighbour was going to lend me his electronic kit during the summer so I don't drive my other neighbours mad with my acoustic kit. However his mom told us that he was worried that since I'm a hard hitter I'd wreck the kit, so I'd have to be careful. It was one thing that I was a little hurt that he assumed I wouldn't be careful with it, but I can deal - I'm more worried about how fragile the kit actually is. I think it's a Roland V-Drum. I know when you go to drum stores they ask you to be extra careful with the electronic kits, but how much potential is there for them to actually get wrecked? Do the solid heads break or something? Rubber cymbals crack? :?


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I'm also pretty much a hard hitter, and the roland TD-20 lives up to the expactations!!

I did however manage to break a rubber ring on the tom, but like I explained in an earlier topic, that was due to the fact I had sampled a china on it, wich I used ALOT! So I turned the ring 90 degrees, and was of again hitting that china on the other side of the ring.

Also I had some problems with my righthand crash. It started to choke itself due to rubber getting stuck on the the trigger-ring inside of the cymbal.

I managed to fix that once for myself, but the second time, I had to return it to Roland, and they fixed it for free!! My guarantee was already expired at the time.

So I think the roland is as tough as any other acoustic kit, because the time it took me to break the rubber ring and the cymbal, I would for sure had already grinded my way through a real crashcymbal and a pair of hats.


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they're not 'fragile,' per se, but just as bashing can hurt A drums it can damage E's too. E's have more 'sensitive' parts than an A kit; you can wear out sensors and direct hits to the module (mine has sustained a few from 'guest' players) aren't great.

If you're respectful of the kit it'll hold up fine though