Former Blink-182 drummer continues to vent about the demise


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Former Blink-182 drummer continues to vent about the demise of the band

Despite claiming that he's going to let his new band Plus-44 do the talking, former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker continues to vent about the demise of the punk trio in early 2005. Barker told that "No It Isn't," a song on Plus-44's upcoming album, When Your Heart Stops Beating, is "absolutely about the end of Blink-182," adding that the group's meltdown was "a classic case of something bad happening and everyone around you not telling you what the deal was. Like the owner of your record label telling you, 'Oh, everything is going to be fine. Any press you do, Travis, make sure you say everything is cool!' And it turns out the same dude is part of the conspiracy of Tom (DeLonge, frontman) quitting Blink."

Barker gave one example of what he said were the kind of actions by DeLonge that caused Blink-182 to crumble, explaining, "We were on our way to go play a tsunami benefit, and Tom didn't call, but his manager did, and he said that Tom couldn't contain his s*** long enough to play a song for people who were suffering, which was pretty sad to me."

The drummer, who has also spent time in the Transplants, did insist that Plus-44's album isn't all negative: "The record is a rollercoaster. It's not all tragedy and sorrow...Writing a new song, playing our first show, looking at the artwork for our first album, they're all ups."

When Your Heart Stops Beating is scheduled for release on November 14th. The band's first tour, a 29-city North American run, begins on October 13th in San Diego.

DeLonge is touring with his own new band, Angels And Airwaves. ... es-to.html


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Qbs":3mresihp said:
lol I didn't even knew that Blink-182 ceased to be ;]
Neither did I.

Don't worry. They'll reform in 20 years and do a money making reunion tour. :D


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i personally think "Mr.Barker" is a very good drummer, i'm not doubting that, blink 182 on the other hand, have ceased to be, travis and mark have gone onto "plus 44" their new band and tom has made a new band called "angels & airwaves", so dales comment about a reuinion in 20 years could be likely , since both bands are basically against each other atm :D haha



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I don't see one post critiqueing Barker's drumming at all. What's the deal with the 'rude' comment? Haven't you guys seen all the reunion tours that have been going on over the last few years?

Although bands can be big now, they wont always be big. After ten years the sales drop off and the money stops coming in. Ask any number of 70's bands that have reformed to do reunion tours. Usually on a bill with other bands doing the same.


I think barker should just stick with the transplants, haven't been a fan of the punk (post-punk, pop punk, or whatever its being called it these days. I started there when I was a kid and now I love jazz/rock and progressive rock, go figure! ) genre for a long time but that was one band where I felt they took the limitations of the genre and did something creative with it.