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OK, as far as I know, nobody's posted on this yet, but I need some input from someone who's messed around with bass drum pedals. I currently have a DW5000 double pedal and am looking for a way to improve my speed further. I'm not a beginner with practicing on the double pedals, I've self-taught myself for the past two years but I've reached a dead end with my current pedal set-up. I'm wondering what lowering the footboard height will do to performance. I'd like to retain the power that I currently have but still increase my speed. Any input would be greatly appreciated! :D


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I've used a DW5000 single pedal for years and I dont see how raising or lowering the pedal board would affect your speed, the beater
would still be the same distance to the drum head, the only thing it would change is the feel.

I put the chain all the way up on the spocket to give the highest pedal height possible. I also play with my toes about 2/3rds up the pedal
(between the 5 & first 0) with my heel aways up. By lowering your foot position on the pedal board, you are shortening the distance needed
to push the pedal down to strike the head, but the force needed to do this is also increased.
You might try increasing the spring tension to pull the beater back faster.

I know this didn't help at all but at least I said my peace...

This may also help.
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