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i looked for this topic and didnt see it so i apologize if i am reposting. but what are some suggestions to have your bass pedal footboard angle adjusted to. i play metal and i am trying to develop my speed on bass drums and am looking for a comfortable angle. i had them pretty high and im thibking it made it hard to go faster because my foot had tension due to the angle. if my foot was more flat, would that help?

please leave me some ideas guys. thanks


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I have my footboards in a medium position. It's optimal - you get the power and it's easy to do heel-toe in that setting. Try it out :)


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I have elimis and big feet :p I put my heel to the left of the pedal and toes on the footboard - it works for me somehow...


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I'd say my Iron Cobras are set preety low. If you have an IC hihat, I have the hh pedal set the lowest possible and it's the same height as the pedals. My beater angles are set in a medium position though.
As fot the heel-toe with IC- I play barefoot and it's doable. I prefer to play it with the Vruk attachment- the 2nd stroke has more power and it's cleaner and more controllable.


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i play iron cobras and i have no problem doing double strokes, but i also have the spring tight and the heads tuned more like a tom than a bass...that is, i dont just get past the wrinkle point on my bass heads because i think that method sounds like ass so i tune the heads up a little. if your heads or springs are real loose that may be the problem with your double strokes.


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I've got Axis A longboards and I left those at the factory 45 degree angles on the boards and beaters. Those things are fast just like that.

I have the newer IC double pedal and I dropped the foot board really low and moved the beaters really close to the head. This lets me play softer stuff easier and I get a lot more speed out of it (with the bass heads tuned normally). I've been fighting with these pedals for a while now and this set up seems to work well. I don't have the spring cranked down anymore either and I get plenty of volume out of them too.

I'm still working on doubles, but I can play them with both these pedals no problem other than user error.


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Demented Drummer":2nv0bzl1 said:
I have the Gen I Iron Cobras with the V-ruk attachment on each one
i've been wanting to get a V-ruk for a while but no place around my area has one that i could try before i buy. is it worth the money?


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I have Iron Cobras Doubles and I set the footboard angle REALLY low... it's almost parallel to the floor. I play stuff like Lamb Of God and As Blood Runs Black, so speed is important.

I find it more comfortable playing it really low, but you gotta practice alot with that because the lower I went, the higher the tension. Not only is it comfortable, the response is so much better.

It'll make you slightly faster, but it'll tire you out. So if you wanna set it low, you gotta practice your stamina.

All I did was to set the beater head waaaaaaaaaaaaay back.