foot me.


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Hey everyone...I have been using double bass pedals for about a year and a half now..and I was hoping to be getting better with this but I can't seem to get my coordination to strengthen. I can play simple accent type stuff...and as far as keeping a steady double bass goes slow and steady is the way for me....

why can't I get faster steady beats with my feet without going faster and faster as I play and messing up? I want consistent, steady, precises notes with my feet but I can't even start. I get so fed up practicing like every day and I want to quit playing altogether (but I always come back to the

are there any good excersises or anything to fix this problem? Is it my pedal? My setup? my technique?



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Virgil Donati has an old instructional tape....can't think of what the name is right now...but it worked on the independence and stamina of individual limbs. All workouts started off slow....until things were steady...and then slowly increased as you got comfortable. For example....right foot (4 times), left foot (4 times), right hand (4 times) left hand (4 times) etc...and then repeated....then increasing the speed and and mixing up the patterns as you got more comfortable with it. If you have a limb that's weaker than'll need a little more "attention" to get it where it needs to be. I have the same problem with my left foot. I can "run" like nobody's business when it comes to straight ahead slammin' away on double bass. No problems with power or time and my left foot/leg is an animal. And I can do some intricate double bass patterns without a hitch...but even with left foot is not as strong as my right foot when doing some of the "flashy" syncopated I work that independently.

Joe Franco has an old instructional DVD also...pretty basic...but it's a good start.


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i'm not sure exactly what you're background with double bass is (ie. lessons,self-taught), but i taught myself how to play and have got it down pretty well in under a year. the one thing i did the most especially at the beginning was a slow-fast-slow warm-up. When i took lessons this was taught to me as a hand speed warm-up. play at a slow speed and speed up until you can't get faster without maintaining precise playing. Other than that, i can't really help you out much, i was fortunately able to catch on to double bass pretty quickly and teach myself at a fast pace but hopefully this helps! best of luck