floating or stand


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i have a snare thats on a stand,

sorta wanted to no wat is better to do, have it float or have it on a stand,

i like the look of a floating one and think itd b easier to move

but not overly sure if im talking crap haha

anyway let me no if a floating snare is good and if so wat is a good way to do it


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i always had a hard time making it work. could never get it in the place i wanted it. my guess would be that floating is better for the sound because less contact = more resonance, but pearl makes a stand that i use where the snare floats on flexible rubber pads instead of steel coated in rubber. its pretty nice.


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I found a nice medium actualy.I have a rack spanning my enire home kit.I got myself an extra pipe clamp ( to mount another tube onto the rack which I had ) and mounted the snare stand off that.In essence its flaoting since no part of the stand reaches the floor yet the snare is in a basket.And I heard a huge differnce when I did it.